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LEATHER N LACE era (2022-23)

Album Covers: Leather n Lace
Song Covers: Little Crush, Fill Me With Ya Love, Finish Her, Ignite It, I Wanna Be the One, Raise Ya Vibration, Wasted, Too Goth to Handle, Leather n Lace, Ferrari
Covers to Add: Lil Lordz, Kick Down the Doors

Rebel Music era


Album Covers: Rebel Music
Song Covers: Tha Final Line, Chemical Reaction, Sadness, Love Like Champagne

Gimme Ya Luv era


Album Covers: Strip Me Down (EP), Gimme Ya Luv
Song Covers: Strip Me Down, I Cast a Spell, Not a Line, Insane Love,
If Ya Don't Like It: Shove It!, Pink n Leopard, Gimme Ya Love

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